Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

So like 2 days ago I got my wisdom teeth pulled out.... Yikes me face was swollen but that went down now. And all i have been doing is eating liquids, and today I tried to eat Chinese food but that hurt, so Im sticking with liquids. I hope that by Christmas I will be able to eat turkey!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Me and my sister got our hair done :)
I think we both look really good! Then me, my sister and brother went out for all you can eat sushi!! It was soooooo good!! Then we came home and I had a nap, cuz I was sooo full~ And then we watched a movie on T.V and my sisters b/f came over and we had supper! It was a pretty relaxing day, i might say.

The Little Things

So my back is really good, from when I sprained it a week ago. I did a shooting camp on Saturday and I could run normally and stuff! Tomorrow I have my grad photos!! EEEKKK!! And I got my grad dress on Friday, but no secrets to what it looks like, it will be a suprise!! This Thursday we start our Mouat tournament! I'm excited for that, then the following week we start the HSBC tournament! And then wow, it will be December next week!! Wow, this year is going fast! I can't wait to Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, so there is officially 42 days till Christmas! I am so excited! This is by far the best hoilday ever!!! You get to drink Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog and Apple Cider... You get to warm up by the fire and take in the scent of berries and spices! You get to play in the snow and have snow ball fights and also make snow men, and go sledding lol. I love picking out gifts to get people and recieving ain't to bad either :P I love hanging out with family and friends, thats proble the best part! And this year in going to Jess's Christmas Eve party, that should be fun!! And I have to watch Elf this year, I love that movie!! It's so close, before you know it November is going to be over!!

UFV Game

Went to my sisters basketball game yesterday, they lost againgst TWU =(
My friends were there Jess and Sam and we ate some pizza!! And then Chelsea came later on :) We watched some of the guys game also, but they weren't donig so well.. so I left with Jen <3>

Sleepover with Chelsea <3

Chelsea slept over on Monday night !! We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was a funny movie. We had monsters and ate tons of candy!! Yay for flavoured licorice and Starbursts and berries and fuzzy peaches!! We also had white chedder pop corn.. Yumm!! We stayed up till 2 and slept in till 1130 the next day! Which felt really nice!! We then had hot chocolate and donuts from Timmy's! We watched Gossip Girl and Terminator. I made KD for supper, which was good, lol and im such a great cook! She then left at 5ish, and then I did my Young Drivers lesson! I learned how to parallel park, its so much easier then reverse stall parking!! Then I came home and watched One Tree Hill and didn't do too much more.. It was a nice lazy day =)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Omg, so I woke up and I must've slept on my head wrong because I can't really turn my neck! I have a shooting camp today at 12:30-3:30, then I get to rush home and then go to my basketball practice at 6.. I just can't wait for Tuesday so I can sleep in again because NO SCHOOL!!! My sister has a game at UFV vs TWU at 6. So people should come out!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Super Busy Saturday!!

So I had to wake up early for Young Drivers, and today we learned how to reverse stall park... Not fun!! I have a shooting camp at UFV at 12:30-3:30..So long.. And then I will proble come home and be lazy and do homework or watch a movie or something, because the next day I have the shooting camp again and then practice!! BUSY BUSY BUSY!!


First it was a good day, I slept in and didn't go to school which felt great!!
I hang out with Shana,Greg,Mike,Steven and Sam! We went for sushi.It wasn't that good, but then we got bubble tea which was amazing!! I got watermelon with rainbow jellies!! Sam and Mike had it for the first time!! We then after went and saw a movie, which was pretty good !  Jessica and Chelsea and these 2 other girls had joined us!! And  we had Starbucks after!! Yay for Starbucks!! I was kinda hyper after, he he.. but  I love Starbucks!! It is just sooooo good! But yea I relaized you keep your friends close, and these are the moments and memories that you are going to remember forever! I love my friends, especially our little group! But Steven left today to go to Mexico. lucky bumm!!! He is gunna come back all tan .. So jealous lol, But I bet Sam is more jealous because she is so white... hehe. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I'm officially addicted to Starbucks!!! It's just so yummy! Especially with caramel stuff in it!
Today felt like such a long day and it was never gonna end. Especially in Bio when we have to write notes all class! Man I hate that class! And now I have a head ache and feel sick!! I just want it to be Friday~ Yay half day then I get to hang out with good friends !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am in computers class right now and im bored as heck!
I am always finished early so I thought that I would start making a blog.

- Hope you enjoy!