Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleepover with Chelsea <3

Chelsea slept over on Monday night !! We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was a funny movie. We had monsters and ate tons of candy!! Yay for flavoured licorice and Starbursts and berries and fuzzy peaches!! We also had white chedder pop corn.. Yumm!! We stayed up till 2 and slept in till 1130 the next day! Which felt really nice!! We then had hot chocolate and donuts from Timmy's! We watched Gossip Girl and Terminator. I made KD for supper, which was good, lol and im such a great cook! She then left at 5ish, and then I did my Young Drivers lesson! I learned how to parallel park, its so much easier then reverse stall parking!! Then I came home and watched One Tree Hill and didn't do too much more.. It was a nice lazy day =)

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